So being a Mobile Data company, we of course decided that we needed a way to see our site while mobile.

This site can be viewed by your PDA web browser in a format that is a single column view. This is done automatically.

From your mobile phone:  Point your WAP browser to

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The World is a Mobile World!

1 September 2007

Ever since I bought the 50′ telephone cord so I could take my Commodore C64 computer outside and work on my BBS from the back deck, I’ve always been looking for better ways to get data remotely. Data Packet Radio in the 80’s was something that foreshadowed the kind of systems that I would be working with in the future. WiFi comes along and I’m no longer computing with a long cable attached to anything! I can run around the house with my laptop and still work! Now a days there are all sorts of options to stay connected; WiFi, WiMAX, Bluetooth, Cellular Data Cards, Blackberry’s, Cellphones, …. you name it! Understanding those options as a business person can mean the difference between being productive or being held hostage by technology. That’s where this site comes in…..its all about how business people can use this technology to the best possible use. I’m going to have articles about how to specifically set up and use technologies, and articles about what things you need to consider when thinking about implementing some sort of technology for yourself, or your business. And of course there will be a plug or two for my business. Please feel free to send me your comments or concerns! I look forward to exploring the world of Mobile Data with you! — John Allen

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