Wireless Carriers and their Code Word Projects

Mar 16, 2009

I always find it a bit amusing working with Wireless Carriers when they hand me an NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) for “Project Dinkelburg” with clues to what the project actually is. (I’m not using any real-world code words here, so don’t bother trying to Google a “Project Dinkelburg”.)  If you read through the text of the NDA, there are many clues as to what the project is actually about, and in theory, I could refuse to sign the document and be legally with in my rights to discuss the clues listed in the NDA with anyone.  Of course, these same Wireless Carriers are my major customers, and I would not be working with them not long after I did discuss any clues. I guess its kind of a ‘Catch-22′ for them as they have to create an NDA that will be legally binding, but to do so they have to include information that really should be NDA. Keeps lawyers employed I guess :)

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