10 July 2008

So today marks the launch the 3G version of the iPhone.  Working around the folks that have been very busy working to launch this new phone, I’ve been exposed to a new set of nouns that I never knew existed before.

As a rule, most new phones don’t require a lot of extra work on the part of the cellular carrier.  You need to make sure that the device capabilities are entered and working in your SMSCs (text messages or SMS), your WAP Gateways (Internet web pages, although a lot of phone go direct now a days), and your MMSCs (picture messages). That the radio side of the network will work with the handset…all the usual things. Other than that is just the usual amount of coordination to make sure all the stores have the new phones in time.

But iPhones are a bit different.  There is a belief that they are going to be flying off the shelves and be selling at a phenomenal rate….like more and faster than last time.  So we have all been busy with meetings to make sure everything in the system can handled the anticipated load.  But these aren’t just any meetings….they are iMeetings. With iAgendas on iConference iCalls.

The closer we got to today, the more iMeetings we had.  Some were iFires in that someone felt some parts of the system needed to be corrected ASAP before today.  I guess when I have my iLunch today I’ll take a peek at the iSystem and see if it iCrashed. :)

Now if only Mr. Jobs would put an MMS client on the iPhone…..or is that an iMMS iClient ;)

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