Sometimes I have the need for either temporary access, or a dedicated box to access a customer’s network remotely in a secure fashion. This remote access can be accomplished using software that I can install on a customer’s computer, but sometimes that is not possible….either the customer doesn’t want extra software running on their computers, or there’s not a good computer to install it on. In those cases I use a modified Linksys NSLU2 device running a version of Linux that is configured to provide for secure remote access.

Remote Access using a Linksys NSLU2

How it works

From my computer, I run an SSH Tunnel program (See my previous article Access data behind your Firewall from inside the customer’s location …its the same software) that uses the Secure Shell (SSH) protocol to establish a “Tunnel” between my computer and my Modified Linksys NSLU2 sitting on the inside of my customer’s network. The customer’s firewall does need to be modified to allow the connection to come in and get redirected to my NSLU2 device in order for this to all work correctly.
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